Content Engineer and Inveterate Writer

Ch-ch-ch-changes! What would I do without them? Fade like last week’s flower arrangement, probably…

(Speaking of flowers, I wish I still had those suspenders! They would fit my current outlook perfectly!)

Anyway, as of September of 2016 I am semi-retired.

All your life you’re yellow. Then one day you brush up against something blue, the barest touch, and voila, the rest of your life you’re green.

Tess Callahan

So now I am “green” I guess. Not totally blue – as I like to keep my hand in…always on the lookout for consulting or part-time gigs, but I am “green” – mostly retired. I not only get to spend quality time with personal creative projects, but I feel no guilt in saying “No Thanks, But Thank You For Thinking of Me” to projects that do not mesh with who I am at any specific moment in time.

Of course, I still harbor a passion for the design and creation of content, and the implementation of  systems that support modular development and reuse of information “objects” that can be assembled into deliverables of any size, shape and format. I will never lose my convictions about that. I guess you can take the programmer out of the job, but you can’t take the job out of the programmer – to mangle a cliche. But I am admittedly fed up with hi tech politics and don’t see myself diving back into the deep end of that milieu in this lifetime.

Instead, I am spending more time writing and taking on professional projects that speak to my passion for writing and content design, and ridiculous ones like reupholstering two wing chairs!

And I am loving it – this latest re-invention, of myself.

Some adjacent thoughts

About Content Engineering
You can read about Content Engineering here. It’s probably only interest to people who either already do both, or are thinking about doing both, or are thinking about hiring someone who does both. A fun little overview, but a little dry none-the-less.

About Training…
Although I don’t, and never did, train such young critters like those in the header image – having been a trainer, the setting and the vintage approach to learning just appealed to my sense of irony. More on that here

About Writing…
I write about almost anything that comes to hand: essays, fiction, nonfiction, memoirs and the occasional article for local papers and e-news. I write in notebooks, in the margins of menus, on napkins, on the back-sides of grocery lists…anywhere with an inch or so of white space when an idea or phrase ambushes me.

About Personal Technology…

I own several computers (How can one not own several if one was in the business of writing about computer training?), but no matter how hard I try, I never seem to have one in my hip pocket at the exact moment inspiration accosts me. I even have an iPad and a SmartPhone purchased with the expectation it would solve that particular dilemma, but I am just too set in my ways to totally give up the mystical contact between brain/hand/pen and paper. More on that here

Since first writing that, I have also acquired a kindle. I use them all – but still find that inspiration strikes most often when they are not either with me or in easily usable situations. I still cannot find it in me to pull out some impersonal technology device to jot notes down in restaurants while dining with friends and/or associates, and a constant readiness to “connect” ironically makes me feel “disconnected” with the reality around me. So napkins and grocery lists it remains.

About Spelling and Grammar…

I can’t spell anything that has fewer than 15 letters.

(Once you get a word that long you are usually talking Latin or Greek and those languages I understand. But I am confounded by whatever idiot designed a language where you can spell a word four different ways and pronounce it exactly the same way. Or even worse – spell it the same way and have more than one meaning.)

So, I tend to forgive the occasional spelling error – but I will wax rampant about grammatical errors that used to be taught in the 5th grade and are now never taught at all. And yes – I do write parenthetically – sometimes to a fault…but never in formal writing.

About this Blog…

This blog will focus on whomever I am into at the moment.



4 thoughts on “Content Engineer and Inveterate Writer”

  1. ashleighnicole2013 said:

    I’ve nominated you for a liebster award! Here are the details

  2. Joyce ORourke said:

    Oh, thank you so much for not being able to spell. I use to think what kind of a writer does not know how to spell and here you are. You have relieved my pain. I like your everyday style. You seem so down to earth. I will enjoy learning from you.

  3. Richard Mendes said:

    In the PROSE conference days at DEC, you were the only author whose spelling errors were forgivable in my eyes. As to the rest of the herd, I thought it inconsiderate to the reader not to do a thorough proofing job. In your case, I just wanted to read what you wrote.

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